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Our unique and custom stories are personalized especially for your child. These are not franchised books and stories – you won’t find them anywhere else! We include not only your child’s name and physical attributes, but also their picture and a personal dedication from you that captures the love with which your gift was ordered.


Our cuddly soft blankets come in a variety of colors and are personalized just for your child. A great gift by itself, or a perfect complement to one of our personalized books. Together, a great gift for your child to snuggle up with a wonderful adventure!

Book bags

These sturdy book bags come in a variety of colors and are customized according to your child’s personality. Whatever your little hero’s favorite things, these bags are a great way to carry them wherever they go!

Our personalized books make your child the HERO of every story!

These unique stories make the perfect gift for any child. Each book is personalized in the way you choose - including your child's name, hair color, eye color, skin color, best friends, favorite things and more. The excitement begins the moment your child opens one of our books and begins reading about their very own adventure. Being the hero of their very own book will encourage imagination, reading, and boost self esteem. Additionally, each story contains a wholesome and moral message – subtle encouragement for any child.

Show your child how special they are: each story will be unique - no other child will have the identical adventure! These are not franchised stories, but original adventures, presented in original 8x10 hard or soft covers. They’re not like any other book on your child’s shelf!

Our unique illustrations are professionally done in colored pencil and chalk, as if just drawn for each book and each child. They also encourage your child's artistic talents!

Each book is custom made, by hand, to create a personal and unique experience just for you.

These are books that your child will save and cherish forever!