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About My Kid's A Hero . . . .

My Kid's A Hero is a family owned business. We take pride in providing high quality and unique personalized stories. Our books are all personalized and assembled one by one to ensure only quality products.

My Kid's a Hero started as a joint project by husband and wife, Tony & Jodie Cascone. After telling stories to the children in the family, using the child's name of course, the kids wanted to hear the stories again and again. Only Tony knew the stories, so Jodie took his stories and put them on paper, adding rich and exciting detail and pictures to each book. Now the kids could read the books themselves, or their parents could read to them.

Encouraged by family and friends to share these fun stories with others, the idea of My Kid's A Hero personalized children's books began to take shape.

A professional artist, Tim Edmonson was contracted to develop the pictures for each of the stories. The drawings, done in colored pencil and chalk, add an original and personalized look and feel to each story. Each child can see themselves drawing their story as well as reading about it.

Our personalized books make children feel special about themselves, and make reading fun. The stories were developed with good family and Christian values and themes.

We didn’t want to go the franchise route, offering the same stories as many others. Our stories are unique and reflect the kind of exciting adventures that we loved ourselves as children.

We take great pride in creating our books, and hope that you'll find something in our catalog that you like, and that your child will treasure for a lifetime!

Children are the future, and My Kid's A Hero is dedicated to contributing a portion of every sale to children's charity. For 2012, we will be contributing to Holy Family Services Adoption Agency.