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My Kids A Hero Testimonials . . . .

Just received my order and LOVED everything. The blanket and tote came out great, but the book is the real treasure. The book is especially well done and personal. Something my granddaughter can keep and share for a lifetime.
- Ruby

Thank you so much for the book, blanket and bag. They are just the cutest gift ever! It is such a special gift that will be treasured for ever!
- Jeanne

I like how it made me imagine and think, like what if the events of the story really happened.
- Rebekah, age 15

I really like the pictures. I like that I am a princess in the story. I like how my brother and my cousin's stories are linked to mine.
- Victoria, age 11

What a great surprise to have a story about each one of our children. I like the quality of the books. I really like how each book has a picture of the child and the date the book was given.
- Donna

I like being the main character. I like the picture of me in the book. The story was funny.
- Jacob, age 9

I think my book is funny and cute. I like the pictures. I like to read the story about myself.
- Mariah, age 7

I like the layout - the books are made to last. The stories are imaginative and cute. The kids really enjoy them.
- John

My oldest son loved the story. We did have one little problem - he wouldn't let me put it down! We finished the book in one night. His character had some very cool tricks up his sleeve, my son loved that.
- Rosy

I loved my story. My mom put the book away. She said we have to save it.
- Michael, age 8

The Quick Farmer Nick in the book was very smart. He had a knapsack filled with everything he needed.
- Nicolas, age 10

How fun to find books that are personalized for my nieces! The stories are very imaginative, and truly stories, not like others I have seen. I'm sure I'll be back for more!
- Connie